Download the GHC13 App!

In order to better serve attendees, (and add fun) has partnered with Double Dutch to offer the Grace Hopper Celebration 2013 app. The app is available on iOS and Android devices, Windows Phones and laptops.

Mentoring Middle School and High School Girls in Programming

Mentoring has proven to be very useful in career development especially with Technical Women. Mentorships tremendously help women that are interested in technical fields gain access to both technical and management positions. These low numbers are rising due to mentorships at young ages.

Systers Helping Systers: Kate Kharitonova Awarded Scholarship

On June 18, 2013 a message was sent to the Systers list about multiple scholarships currently available for college students. Jennifer Rutt, senior director of engagement at AfterCollege and member of the Systers list made the post because she knew the scholarships could be a great resource for Systers members who are in school or the word could be spread by list members to others in need.

Where Design, Art and Technology Meet, Innovation is Endless!

Technology innovation is just that, innovation. It is used to help industries like health field, communications and businesses improve their processes and help their customers more efficiently. But Leslie Birch, a recent Spring 2013 Pass It On award winner, innovates through technology in art, design and fashion. Read her thank you note below and don’t forget to watch her personal video to Systers.