Local Communities Manager

Job title: Local Communities Manager
Department: Community Team
Job-type: Full time

As the Local Communities Manager, you will be working daily with local community leaders and other volunteers across our global network to hold local events, moderate and support community communications, grow the size and impact of our communities, deliver sponsoring organization benefits, and maintain local documentation.

You will collaborate with internal AnitaB.org groups including finance, event management, IT, and marketing to promote community events, activities, facilitate payment for budgeted and approved expenses and collection of registration and sponsorship fees, and support event production and overall community health and communication.

Most of your work will be conducted online, but there will be face-to-face interaction requiring travel as well. Due to the nature of this job, candidates can be located anywhere within the United States.


As a Communities Manager for the AnitaB.org local communities program, your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Manage and collaborate with local community leaders and other volunteers.
  • Help identify, recruit, onboard, train, and off-board community leaders and other volunteers on AnitaB.org, our local community goals, tools, and support.
  • Communicate daily/weekly/monthly with leaders and appropriate volunteers for the local communities that you are assigned on local event plans, using AnitaB.org tools, and communicating with local community members.
  • Provide community leaders with support, guidance, and information on developing and implementing event and community communications plans.
  • Guide community leaders on number of events, event timing and types, community communications, and promotion based on our community model. Contribute to the further development of our community model based on feedback from leaders and volunteers.
  • Gather feedback from local community leaders and volunteers as well as the community broadly, and synthesize it and communicate back within AnitaB.org to improve community outreach and programs.
  • Provide regular internal feedback on what is working, what isn’t, and where there are opportunities to improve community outreach and internal processes.
  • Document processes and present to all stakeholders for approval and signoff.

Collaborate with the Internal AnitaB.org Team

  • Work with other AnitaB.org Community team members on supporting the communities, arranging activities at AnitaB.org events such as Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), and sharing insights into broad community related issues or concerns.
  • Work with AnitaB.org finance team to accurately forecast communities expenses, process invoices and payments for your assigned communities. And collaborate with other communities team members and finance to identify opportunities to streamline the financial workflow for local communities while maintaining appropriate expense controls.
  • Work with AnitaB.org event team to facilitate the efficient planning and execution of Hopper x 1 events in partnership with local communities leaders for your assigned communities, and to manage event costs.
  • Work with AnitaB.org marketing team to promote community membership, volunteer participation, events, and the overall engagement of local community members through a variety of online and in person forums.
  • Work with the AnitaB.org business development team to understand, document, and deliver community and event sponsor benefits.
  • Work with AnitaB.org IT team to support Communities related apps and systems.
  • Work on the coordination of new community launches.

Program Development

  • Collaborate with and support the Local Communities Program Manager in implementing program features and developing materials such as volunteer guides.
  • Provide regular quantitative and qualitative feedback to Local Communities Program Manager on what is working and where there are problems. Suggest changes as appropriate and collaborate on problem solving.
  • Create appropriate content relative to the program and in support of local leaders as appropriate; for example, suggestions for guiding online discussions, current topics for online discussion, sharing successes from other local group events, or a guide to effective use of email communications with the community.
  • Collaborate with other Local Communities Managers to share information, best practices, and ideas for improvement.

Community Relations

  • Respond to community requests such as answering questions, and developing self-serve materials such as FAQs and discussion groups.  Leverage quantitative and qualitative feedback to constantly evolve program strategy.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Provide monthly reporting on key community metrics for all local communities that you are assigned. Analyze quarterly and annual results for your communities against those metrics.
  • Continually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing and new initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications, Education, and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher desired but not required – knowledge of technology and technical skills preferred
  • Two – four years of experience growing and managing a successful online community
  • Direct involvement with and knowledge of the community of women technologists
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Ability to connect and collaborate across the community and AnitaB.org — a natural networker with the ability to engage the community and collaborate with team mates
  • Ability to manage, motivat,e and engage a large community of volunteers, leaders and moderators to perform community tasks and engage their respective communities
  • Some travel will be required
  • Common sense skills
  • Proven ability to deliver under stress and tight deadlines
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Strong team player skills

This description is designed to outline primary duties, and job scope, but does not limit the employee nor the AnitaB.org to just the work identified. Each Employee will offer his or her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure AnitaB.org success.

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter and a resume to employment@anitab.org and indicate “Local Communities Manager” in the subject line.

About AnitaB.org

AnitaB.org envisions a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies that use it. To achieve that vision we connect, inspire, and guide women in computing and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative. As a mission-driven nonprofit, we seek to expand communications about the underrepresentation of women in technical roles, the importance of increasing diversity in tech, and promoting solutions to these issues.