Operations Manager, GHC

Job title: Operations Manager, GHC
Department: GHC (Grace Hopper Celebration)
Reports to: Senior Program Manager, GHC Facilities and Operations
Job-type: Full-time employee
Date effective: November 2017

We are seeking an Operations Manager for the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) Team at AnitaB.org in Palo Alto. In this role, you will be responsible for creating processes and managing the execution of the GHC internal collaborative platform, timeline, and decision log, the interdepartmental team meetings, the Expo Hall Booth, event staff on-boarding, retrospectives, and supporting the Senior Program Manager of GHC Facilities and Operations as needed. Remote and local candidates are encouraged to apply.


Essential job functions include but are not limited to:

  • GHC Internal Collaborative Platform
    • Create a site that is useful and efficient for all staff
    • Work closely with the Systems/IT team to ensure proper functionality
    • Maintain the nomenclature and organization of files and folders
    • Respond to internal inquiries as needed
  • GHC Timeline and Decision Log
    • Maintain overall timeline, recording major milestones and key dates related to the conference planning
    • Log executive decisions made, documenting the reasoning behind each for year over year improvement
    • Provide insight to the timeline at all levels and audiences. Be able to sort and share information pertinent to different job levels within the organization and different audiences externally
    • Identify and escalate key decisions and dates that impact other teams or aspects of the conference
  • GHC Interdepartmental Team Meetings
    • Facilitate and administer monthly meetings with all staff
    • Gather requests from speakers and create agendas
    • Coordinate speakers, create slides, take notes, and share information across the organization
  • Expo Hall Booth
    • Work with event agency, expo general contractor, and internal stakeholders to design, build, and manage the organization’s Expo Hall Booth
    • Create a unique space with elements to build our community and increase the AnitaB.org brand
    • Filter, coordinate, and schedule all booth activities, including but not limited to Individual Giving, getting involved with AnitaB.org, Marketing promotions, and Speakers’ Corner
    • Engage with our audience, respond to attendee inquiries, and foster networking opportunities onsite
    • Manage individual giving program. Work with the Finance and IT teams to administer payment systems. Train booth staff and volunteers to provide positive customer service experience
    • Work with the Marketing team to select fun and attractive swag items. Manage swag for individual giving and gifts for volunteers
    • Pack, track, and receive all shipments related to the booth
  • Event Staff On-boarding
    • Gather requests from GHC team members in need of temporary staff resources
    • Recruit, hire, and onboard temporary staff to help execute the conference
  • GHC Retrospectives
    • Schedule meetings for staff to share feedback regarding the conference planning and execution
    • Record feedback/comments and summarize in a presentation for all staff

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Individual must be able to understand the overall strategy of a large scale conference (approximately 20,000 attendees), create processes to achieve team goals, manage several moving elements, and execute the finest details
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively interact with executives, senior management, vendors, sponsors, attendees, customers, and peers
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities. Can manage timelines, multiple tasks and deadlines effectively
  • Ability to multi-task while maintaining a keen attention to detail
  • Ability to take initiative, be proactive, and work independently with little supervision
  • Can work in an extremely fast paced environment and learn quickly
  • Natural, welcoming host to all involved in any meeting or event
  • Excellent leadership skills and ability to work cross-functionally, encouraging positive collaboration
  • Able to grasp all of the moving parts of a project or program and communicate those moving parts effectively via presentations, meetings, phone calls, emails, and in person
  • Team player, able to graciously receive direction, instruction, and constructive criticism
  • Administrative sensibilities, able to track and analyze relevant event data
  • Demonstrated excellence in negotiation and relationship management
  • Dedication and passion for learning and communicating the AnitaB.org mission and vision

 Minimum Qualifications, Education, and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Strong project management, program management, and/or meeting and event planning skills
  • Minimum three years proven track record of successful work experience
  • Knowledge of SharePoint and Microsoft Suite a plus

Employment Opportunities

  • Opportunity to play a significant role in GHC, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists
  • Opportunity to play a significant role in programs that help recruit, retain, and advance women technologists
  • Build event planning and project management skills

Interested applicants should email their resume and cover letter to employment@anitab.org and indicate “Operations Manager, GHC” in the subject line.

About AnitaB.org

AnitaB.org envisions a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies that use it. To achieve that vision we connect, inspire, and guide women in computing and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative. As a mission-driven nonprofit, we seek to expand communications about the underrepresentation of women in technical roles, the importance of increasing diversity in tech, and promoting solutions to these issues.