Abie Award FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the Abie Awards! Here are some frequently used Abie Award terms along with some frequently asked questions to help you better understand this program.


Nominee The Nominee is the individual who is being considered for an Abie Award.
Nominator The Nominator is the individual who is completing and submitting the submission form on behalf of the Nominee. Nominators should be able to provide a well-rounded view of the impact of the nominee’s work and impact on the community. For the Student of Vision Abie Award, Nominees always self-nominate (no additional nominator).
Abie Award Winner An Abie Award Winner is an individual that the selection committee has identified as the Abie Award recipient after reviewing submissions. Each year, we select a total of five Abie Award Winners.
Recommender A Recommender is an individual who writes a letter of recommendation on behalf of the Nominee. Each submission requires two letters of recommendation.
Submission Form The Submission Form is the online form that the Nominator uses to share information about the Abie Award Nominee with the selection committee. Each Abie Award has its own Submission Form.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the awards.

Eligibility & Nominations

Can I nominate myself for an award?
Yes, nominees are able to nominate themselves for an award.
Can I participate if I’m under 18 years old?
Nominees must be 18 years of age or older by the start of the Grace Hopper Celebration that the award they are applying for will be presented at.
Can I participate if I work/study outside of the U.S.?
We welcome and encourage submissions from outside of the United States for all awards. Additionally, our Change Agent Abie Award specifically recognizes women working outside of the U.S.
Can I nominate someone from my own company?
Yes, you can nominate someone from your own company for an Abie Award.
Do I have to work with someone to nominate them for an award?
No, you do not have to currently work with an individual to nominate that person for an Abie Award. Nominators should be able to provide information on the nominee’s body of work but do not have to have the same employer. We encourage Nominators to nominate mentors, mentees, industry peers, etc.
Can I nominate a group for one award?
All Abie Awards are currently for individuals. We do not present awards to groups at this time. Individuals can be nominated for an award and informally act as a representative for the group if selected as the Abie Award Winner.
Can I nominate more than one person for the awards?
Nominators can submit multiple nominations for the same award, as well as submit nominations to more than one award. However, we encourage submitting thorough nominations over multiple nominations (quality over quantity).
Do Abie Award Nominees have to speak English?
The Nominee must speak English fluently enough to deliver an acceptance speech, and all nomination forms must be submitted in English. We do provide speaker coach support for all of our Abie Award Winners to assist with public speaking as needed.

Submission Form

Who can write letters of recommendation for Nominees?
Letters of recommendation should come from individuals who can share about Nominee’s current work, past projects or collaborations, efforts to impact the community of women technologists, and will generally be able to help the selection committee obtain a well-rounded perspective on the Nominee’s qualifications.
Can I save my Submission Form if I can’t complete it?
Nominators can save submissions as a Draft until they are ready to submit.

Award Winners

Is there a cash prize for receiving an Abie Award?
Each Abie Award honor includes a cash prize. The amount of the cash prize varies by award and year.
Are Abie Award Winners required to attend GHC?
Abie Award Winners are required to attend GHC. All Abie Award Winners are presented with their awards at the opening and closing keynotes of GHC and must be physically present.
How are Abie Award Winners selected?
Each Abie Award has a Selection Committee of past award winners who review submissions and select an Abie Award Winner based on the award’s individual set of criteria. The criteria can be found on the individual award pages on the AnitaB.org site.
How will I know if I have been selected as the Abie Award Winner?
One of our committee members will contact the Nominator of the selected individual via phone and/or email to share the good news and next steps.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Visit our Abie Award homepage or email us at Awards@AnitaB.org.