Women’s March Reminds Us We Still Have a Long Way to Go

Many people will participate in the Women’s March this weekend to support women’s rights and to raise awareness on issues such as sexual harassment and gender inequality. However, as reflected by James Damore’s anti-diversity manifesto, there are still those who feel that women do not deserve equal treatment, and that women do not belong in male-dominated industries such as technology.

“The truth of the matter is, none of these anti-feminist men who are complaining have ever had their rights or capabilities challenged,” said Elizabeth Ames, senior vice president of programs, marketing, and alliances at “They say they have worked hard to earn their places, disregarding the same hard work by women who also have faced sexual harassment, gender bias, and the continual denigration of their rights and capabilities in addition to the usual workplace struggles.”

The Women’s March will serve as an empowering reminder that these women are not alone. “But,” as Elizabeth explained, “once the March is over, the real work begins.”

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