Intel Increases Commitment to Diversity

by Elizabeth Ames, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alliances, and Programs

In the past 24 hours, Intel has made two significant statements that show the company’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, both internally and across the United States.

Yesterday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stepped down from his seat on the American Manufacturing Council, saying that leaders “…should honor – not attack – those who have stood up for equality and other cherished American values.”

Today, Intel released their 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Mid-Year Report, which sets a bold diversity goal of reaching full representation in its U.S. workforce by 2018, a full two years ahead of their original goal of reaching that milestone by 2020.

We applaud Intel’s continued commitment to diversity in tech, and appreciate their leadership in an industry—and a nation—that is suffering through a period of especially troubling news. Intel is a leading example of a company that is truly trying to walk the talk of building an inclusive culture.

However, we’re disappointed to see a lack of progress on hiring and retention of members of underrepresented minorities, including those who identify as Black, Latinx, or Native American. We noted this same issue last year, and we’d hoped to see Intel move the needle further in the intervening time.

Though Intel continues to implement programs intended to reach underrepresented groups, it’s not clear that those programs are having their intended effect. As a result, many members of our community are still missing out on gains even as the number of women technologists at Intel increases.

We want to see Intel do better on this front. It’s one thing to set audacious goals, but the company still has work to do in order to achieve them.