BRAID: Measuring Progress Towards Diversity in Computing — What’s Your Metric?

Building Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity, or BRAID, is a research project built around a collaboration between, Harvey Mudd College and 15 computer science departments with a stated commitment to diversifying the major. The BRAID research study aims to study how the fifteen BRAID institutions approach diversification of their computing majors.

BRAID Principal Investigator Linda Sax, a professor at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, wrote a great blog post detailing how the BRAID team is approaching the research thus far and what her team plans to do to dig deeper into the gender and diversity gap in our nation’s computer science departments. 

“Decisions we make—such as what constitutes a computing major, who counts as a student of color, what denominators make the most sense—must be guided by an awareness of the complexities involved,” says Linda. “We remain committed to studying diversity in computer science while keeping in mind the larger stories that the data can tell.”

Read the full blog post here. The 2016 annual BRAID summit will be held later this month in Utah.