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News Coverage Shows Why Events Like GHC are Crucial

There was plenty to do at this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), and the media was there to cover it all. We had representatives from 34 different media outlets attend GHC, including ABC, CNET, Forbes, and TechRepublic. Many representatives not only covered the event, but also spoke with attendees about the importance of GHC in their lives, and why events like GHC are so crucial.

Check out some of our favorite quotes and videos from the media below. Be sure to also check out the news coverage of Prof. Anita Hill’s GHC 18 session.


“A lack of digital skills could be holding young women back in their careers, according to survey data from IT consultancy firm Accenture… The release of the new data coincides with the Grace Hopper Celebration, an annual conference for women in tech, taking place in Houston, Texas. At a conference like GHC, evening out disparities among various groups of people in the industry is top of mind.”
A lack of digital skills could be hurting young professional women, Erin Carson, CNET


“That experience was one of many [Late’jah] Whittaker knew she would face throughout the rest of her career in STEM fields, where only 8.6 percent of employees in 2015 were black, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston Wednesday, Whittaker felt less alone.

“Put together by, a group that supports women in technology, the Grace Hopper Celebration in downtown Houston is an annual, three-day event that features career fairs, trainings and talks from notable women and women of color in STEM fields.”
— Houston conference empowers women of color in STEM fields, Massarah Mikati, Houston Chronicle


“GHC is more than a learning event. It’s more than a ‘women in tech event.’ GHC provides an amazing opportunity to come together, to recruit great talent, to collaborate, and most importantly to learn from organizations and their leadership.”
— Empowered, inspired and energized at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, DeLisa Alexander, Red Hat Blog


— Women leading the way with technology, Click2Houston