What’s Our Global Impact?

Driving meaningful, measurable change by increasing the representation of women technologists and transforming culture in the global workforce is a year-round commitment for ABI.

Each year, we release an annual Impact Report that tells the story of how helped transform the technology industry by creating more opportunities for women, celebrating their contributions and connecting them with one another around world.

Here’s a by-the-numbers look at’s impact in 2015:

abi-by-the-numbers’s 2015 Impact Report gives you a deep dive on how we grew ABI.Local, our global network of locally organized communities, to 10 cities around the world and counting. The report also covers the evolution and expansion of’s Top Companies for Women Technologists program, which recognizes organizations with the highest representation of women technologists in their workforces. Details on the engaging and inspiring 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration for Women Technologists, which broke attendance records in the U.S. and India, are also included in the report.

We’re proud of the progress we made in 2015, and we’re more committed than ever to driving change and building diverse, inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive. Read the full 2015 Impact Report.