Participate in BRAID

Applications are closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted!

BRAID Affiliates are institutions that have committed to increasing the diversity of their computing departments, but do not receive funding through the BRAID initiative. Institutions selected to be BRAID Affiliates are invited to participate in BRAID for one year. Affiliates learn best practices from our BRAID schools, and participate in the annual BRAID Summit, which gathers together all the BRAID stakeholders for two and a half days of discussion, ideation, and inspiration.

In order for your school to participate in BRAID, your department chair should compose a proposal (two pages maximum) that answers the following questions:

  • What has your CS department already been doing to address diversity?
  • What additional actions does your department intend to take by participating in BRAID?

Note that we will only consider applications submitted by department chairs.

Department chairs from Affiliate schools are required to be the main liaisons and attend the annual BRAID Summit, which will occur on July 12—14, 2018, at the Harvey Mudd College campus.

Applications are closed.