Applications for 2020 are closed. BRAID Affiliates are institutions that participate in BRAID on a one-year rotation to learn from and with Beacons and BRAID Schools while implementing the BRAID Commitments on their campuses. BRAID Affiliates are not guaranteed funding through the initiative. As of 2019, however, BRAID Affiliates will be able to apply for small grants to support on-campus efforts that act on one or more of the four BRAID Commitments.

Benefits of participation, eligibility, and selection criteria can be found below.

Benefits of Being a BRAID Affiliate

BRAID Affiliates receive access to:

  • Direct support for campus activities that fulfill the four BRAID commitments.
  • A community of Computer Science (CS) department chairs with a proven dedication to increasing participation by and success of students from underrepresented groups in their departments.
  • Leading technology companies with an interest in sharing their training and career opportunities with talent from BRAID initiative participants.
  • Current research and learning from the UCLA BRAID Research team and broadening participation in computer science experts.
  • The annual BRAID Summit at Headquarters in Belmont, CA: July 16-18, 2020.
  • Invite-only events at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando, FL: September 29 – October 2, 2020.


Please read the information below very carefully before applying to become a BRAID Affiliate. You must meet the following criteria, at minimum, to be eligible to serve as a BRAID Affiliate:

  • Department chairs are required to be the main liaison for the BRAID initiative.
  • Department chairs are required to attend the annual BRAID Summit on July 16-18, 2020 at Headquarters in Belmont, CA.
  • CS departments at 2- and 4-year accredited institutions, granting CS degrees.
  • CS departments must graduate at least 20 students per year on average.
  • For-profit institutions are not eligible to apply.


In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria listed above, it is important to note that the BRAID leadership team selects BRAID Affiliates by assessing a combination of factors that include but are not limited to:

  • Availability of gender and racial/demographic data for the department.
  • Evidence of efforts made by the department writ-large to increase representation for women and underrepresented minorities in computing.
  • Evidence of the department chair’s commitment to engaging in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • Clarity of goals for participation in the BRAID Affiliate program and their alignment to the four BRAID Commitments.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of evidence-based strategies for broadening participation in computing and an ability to contribute meaningfully to the BRAID community of practice.