Anita's Quilt: Threads of Inspiration

Meet the Committee for Anita’s Quilt

Thank you to the Anita’s Quilt Committee for their dedication and hard work! Learn more about our committee members below.

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Jill Delaney-ShalJill Delaney-Shal, Chair

Hi, I am Jill. I have worked in computer science for more than 20 years. I am a Global Technology Leader specializing in building and optimizing organizations performing all phases of the software development life cycle from new product ideation through maintenance support. I am an expert in building and operating best in class, large-scale content processing software systems. It has been a wonderful path as technology has provided me:

  • Economic benefit.
  • Flexibility to have both a family and an impactful career.
  • Participation in the early years of the internet, building some of the initial online content tools.
  • Opportunity to travel (literally) around the world.
  • Lifelong global friendships.

My role as a technology leader has provided the platform for my driving passion: to increase the number of women in technology. Computer science has been such a wonderful opportunity, and I want other women to experience the same benefits.

Anita’s Quilt is a special place, and as committee chair I look forward to introducing you to our community of women technologists by sharing individual stories to engage, enlighten, and inspire.

Fun Fact: In September, I will be running my ninth Half Marathon.

Nousheen ShahirNousheen Shahir

Hi, I am Nousheen. I am a graduate of New York University, and currently live and work in New York as a Software Engineer. I moved to the United States five years ago to pursue a master’s degree in computer science at NYU. I liked the city so much that I decided to stay after graduation. Now I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Medidata Solutions, a life sciences company that works to improve clinical trials and get medical drugs faster to the people who need them.

Technology in healthcare has always fascinated me. One of the reasons I love being in this industry is because it feels rewarding to know that what I do makes a real difference. Growing up I always wanted to be a medical doctor. Although my career took an unexpected turn, I’m still happy to know that I can positively impact community.

Professionally, I would like to see myself go one step further and use my academic background in AI to solve more interesting problems in healthcare. Personally, I would like to take steps to increase my involvement in the women in tech community. I want to be a mentor to young girls who want to choose the STEM field but often struggle due to stories around them that lead them to believe STEM is not an option. I sincerely believe that one of the simplest and most effective ways to solve this problem is to engage in richer storytelling. Do a better job at expanding the view of what engineers really do.

All of this aside, I enjoy reading and like to include it in my daily routine. While I enjoy most genres, I have recently begun to take a liking towards fictional biography. I also enjoy writing and decided to jump back into it after several years by taking up online classes. I thought this would bring more structure and discipline as I restart my writing journey.

Fun Fact: I can never say no to desserts!

The letter MMohona Mahfuza Humayra

I am Mohona from Bangladesh, deeply passionate about technology and want to make this world a better place for women and mentally disordered people with the help of AI and DL.

Fun Fact: Those people who help others without any benefit seem angelic to me.

Tharushi PiumwardaneTharushi Piumwardane

I’m Tharushi from Sri Lanka. You can call me Tharu. I would like to introduce myself as an experienced Marketing Communications & Technical Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. I’m skilled in Marketing Collateral, Social Media Marketing, Technical Documentation, Proposal Writing, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and MadCap Flare. I graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia and completed the MBA program at the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

I like to keep myself updated on current and new technologies by reading online articles, relevant books, and discussing with my colleagues. In my spare time, I like to read interesting books, watch movies, listen to great music, dance, and travel. I’m a nature lover and I strongly believe we have to protect nature and admire its beauty to survive. I also adore German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. I’m very glad that I got this opportunity to contribute as a committee member for Quilt, which showcases the life stories of many wonderful women in the industry. I believe my experience and skills will be useful to make this program a success. I’m very much looking forward to working with all of you!

Fun Fact: I love reading books, watching movies (but I’m scared of watching horror movies), listening to music, and of course traveling to great destinations, especially hill country. I’m also a nature and animal lover.

Rithu Maria JoseRithu Maria Jose

Technology and Computer Science has never failed to allure me, and right since high school when I was first introduced to programming, I found it very interesting and empowering. Until then, I was clueless about my passion and interests. I started developing small projects on my own, and the amount of happiness I got when anything I made worked helped me realize that this was it.

During the first year of college, I’d been taking various courses and was not sure about which field to stick to as a career. I then joined the Women in Tech Learning Programme conducted by Rethink Foundation, a nonprofit organization. The program has been curated based on the learnings and insights from over 100 girls who have accomplished great opportunities. I was mentored by Ayushi Mrigen, who is a Software Engineer at Google. She shared lots of useful resources and I finally started to work on my goals. Through her, I learned that having clarity in thoughts and being genuine is very important for any career, and understood the fact that one should never underestimate one’s self and one’s capabilities. Also, she is the one who first told me about Systers and their activities.

Presently, in addition to being a junior in college, I’m the Kochi Hub Coordinator of IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter and Vice Chairperson of Women in Engineering Affinity Group of our College, where I represent a bunch of girls. As a Computer Science Engineering student, I’m open to learning new concepts, and my goal is to find solutions to the problems faced by our society today and to work as a social entrepreneur with the belief that it’s my responsibility to help other passionate girls along the way, much as the leaders and mentors that I’ve met have helped me. Through my experience so far, I’ve understood the fact that “figuring it out yourself” is the key and thus we girls can do wonders. And yes, the clueless girl is no more clueless.

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