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Booth Babes Revisited

by Laurian Vega

I have a feeling that the topic of booth babes is going to be one that is revisited many times. (Click here to see link to previous post.) However, I read such an interesting article that I could not help by raise the topic again. In this link the author is the infamous “booth babe.”

You have probably heard other terms for the same topic, but the idea is the same. The woman who stands at booths to showcase a product knowing little or nothing about the technology and code that drives it is called a “booth babe.” Companies believe that a use of sex appeal and clever come hither looks will not only drive people into the booth, but result in more people buying their product.

In this first person narration, the rest of us get to see what life is like on the other side of the metaphorical tracks. Elaine Low writes, “Regardless of what some folks like to think, this kind of work does not ‘satisfy [our] hollow egos.’ Trust me. Murdering my feet in five-inch heels while handing out flyers or shepherding demo lines isn’t a Tony Robbins seminar, it’s a job. Being subject to lewd come-ons and the occasional groping isn’t an ego boost, it’s offensive. The depressing truth is that standing around in a costume at a convention pays far better than writing ever has. For many of us, it supplements other career goals.”

I’m used to being the one doling out the critical glares at booth babes and taking note of their companies to make sure I don’t purchase their products. This kind of article made me think twice about whether or not I should be so disparaging of the women. But, it isn’t going to make me stop taking note of the companies.