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Gain More by Giving Back!

Every year after GHC, I receive quite a few emails from attendees on what are ways that they can be more engaged and give back to the institute. We’re ramping up on a lot of our open source projects, special initiatives and programs so we definitely need help with coding, QA, mentoring and more. All of our opportunities are lead by our Systers, but not all opportunities require that you be a Syster to participate.

Read the list of volunteer opportunities below, but don’t stop there, SIGN UP! This is your chance to give back to, Systers, the sub-communities and our programs like Systers Pass It On awards. But you gain so much more in the process.

Systers Anita Borg Pass It On Awards program

Systers Anita Borg Pass It On Awards is a program to give women around the world an opportunity to make an impact in their communities through technology is the pride of our Systers community. We are able to provide small amounts of grants ($500-$1,000) women for their tech projects to bring change in their community. There are 2 rounds per year and a dedicated committee to review and select winners. Join the committee and help social impact on a global scale. Our PIO chair is Kayra Hopkins and you can email Kayra with any questions you may have about responsibilities.

>> Join PIO committee

Systers Editorial Team

We have an incredible community of bloggers and are avid writers in various medium. There are two opportunities to help increase our voice in the Tech industry.

Best of Systers Blog

Our Best of Systers (BSB) blog (Additional stories on Tumblr) was created to bring our private discussions public so that all women benefit from the amazing community conversations. There is a stringent process we follow to maintain the privacy of our members and respect of our discussions. If you want to amp up your writing skills, join the BSB editorial team. Our Syster, Rikki Endsley is Lead editor and has extensive experience in journalism in the tech space. You can email Rikki with inquiries.

>> Join Best of Systers Editorial Team

Note: You must be a Syster to join the Best of Systers Blog editorial team.

Anita’s Quilt

Anita’s Quilt was started by Advisory Board members Kathy Richardson and Ellen Lapham.  The concept was to create Threads of Inspiration of stories from our community. There are several campaigns annual and an incredible committee committed to expanding Anita’s dream. Jill Delaney-Shal has taken lead in initiative and is working closely with the committee to ramp up for 2015 and beyond. If you have any questions, you can email Jill.

>> Join Anita’s Quilt

Systers Open Source Projects

We have several open source projects that are in need of technical skills, QA, configuration management, UI/UX, and more. We do use some of our open source projects in our Systers Google Summer of Code program, but need continuous help throughout the year to ensure our projects go to production. This is a great opportunity to mentor those who may just want to learn about open source and gain development skills or if you want to gain technical skills.

Check out Ana Balica’s blog about our Portal project she is leading.

If you have questions and want to get involved, email Rose Robinson.

>> Get Involved in Systers Open Source Projects

Systers Google Summer of Code Mentors

Since 2008, Systers has participated in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) to help the effort in getting more students involved in open source. This program is for students and as a community, we are trying to increase the number of women in open source. We have Systers leading each of our open source projects as PM and various technical mentors.

We plan to apply in February, when applications open for mentoring organizations and if we are accepted in 2015, the number of students we accept is determined by the number of mentors we have on board. If you are interested in becoming a mentor in Systers GSoC program, please email the Systers GSoC Administrators, Ana Cutillas, Nicki Hutchens, and Rose Robinson with any questions.

>> Become a Systers GSoC Mentor

Systers Google Code In Mentors

Google Code In (GCI) is a contest for 13-17 year old pre-university students that runs for 7 weeks typically in December through January. Systers has been thinking about participating in Google Code In for the past couple of years and in evaluating the requirements, we know we need mentors to help with managing the tasks. This is a great opportunity for young girls to find role models in communities like ours.

If you’re interested in helping, please send email to the Systers GCI Administrators, Ana Cutillas, Nicki Hutchens, Ana Balica and Rose Robinson, with any questions.

>> Become A Systers GCI Mentor

Wiki Projects

There are 2 wiki projects for that we are planning for; one uses Dokuwiki and the other is a Wikipedia project. If you’re interested in learning or leading this project, please email Rose Robinson for more details.

>> Get Involved with Wiki Projects

Community Engagement Volunteers

Communities are engaged through various social channels and need volunteers to extend our reach for news and program information. If you’re social media savvy and interested in helping us, please complete the volunteer form below. Please  email Rose Robinson for more details.

>> Community Engagement Volunteer


Volunteer + Community + Women = Social Impact! and Systers communities are helping to increase the number of women representation in the tech community through various programs, like the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing and community engagement like Systers.  Whether you want to learn a skill or mentor someone else, your contributions matter and socially impacts on a larger scale.

We would love for you to help spread the word about the various opportunities listed, but also get involved. You are guaranteed to GAIN MORE by GIVING BACK!