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Systers Form New Communities

Systers, our flagship community, has been in existence since 1987.


Since then,  we have grown to more than 4,500 technical women worldwide. Additionally, Systers has several sub-communities that are special interest by discussion topic, field of expertise and by culture. We continue to recognize that groups have their own challenges and while we are all Systers, we have more focused special interests sub-communities.  Our newest communities have just formed.

A sub-community of Black Women in Computing, African Women in Computing seeks to connect girls and women in Africa as well as around the globe. They have deep ties to their countries and want to really focus on technical progress in Africa as well as African Women.

Asian Women in Computing (AsianWiC) is a new umbrella community for various cultures of technical women from Asia or of Asian descent. The sub-communities formed under AsianWiC are Indian Women in Computing (IndianWic), Filipinas in Computing (FilipinasIC) and Chinese Women in Computing (ChineseWiC). Each of these communities have challenges specific to their culture, language and country.

Check out all of Systers communities and learn how to join.