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Systers @ GHC14

Grace Hopper Celebration (#GHC14) is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona this year. The planning has been phenomenal let alone the unprecedented number of registrations, 8,000! Crazy! Great speaker line up, new sponsors, and certainly exciting for first-timers. But what is most exciting is that all of Systers communities will be have a large presence.


If you haven’t been following our GHC Blog, please do so. We have great returning and new volunteers that will be blogging and taking notes for GHC Community. Our bloggers have already posted various blogs to help newcomers navigate their way through this ginormous conference.

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We owe much gratitude to our Systers that founded open source day at GHC. It was the incredible work of Robin Jeffries, Jen Redman, Teri Oda, and Leslie Hawthorn to introduce the GHC community to open source and now an integral part of the conference. Systers partnering with Peace Corps is participating in Open Source Day to continously work on open source projects we started from our Systers Google Summer of Code program. All of the projects are booked and we all have a waitlist. Amazing!

We first had a booth in 2012 where we shared space with and other Systers communities had a table by the registration desk. In 2013, we moved all of Systers communities to share big booth. Well, realizing that the foot traffic was coming from our communities, we’ve redesigned our space this year to accommodate the growth of our communities this year. Definitely stop by and learn about Systers initiatives and all of our communities.

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We have a new track this year on Friday that’s sole purpose is to inform attendees on our communities so that they can “stay connected” after the conference ends. Track starts with Anita Borg documentary, then Systers panels with Systers representing Systers Advisory Council, Pass It On Committee, Best of Systers and Systers Google Summer of Code program. We also have 2 panels in the afternoon presented by our affinity communities to include new communities.


Our Systers lunch is sponsored this year by Facebook. The Systers Advisory council chairs have been working with Facebook representatives to create a great networking activity during the lunch. But our keynote this year is our Syster Kristin Yvonne Rozier representing Rice University. We all remember Kristin was featured in video series to kick off NASA Amer’s 75th Birthday. Truly excited that Kristin will be speaking to the audience about her career path and how Systers was part of that journey.

Note: all of the lunches are first-come first-entry. COMMUNITIES MEETUP
We’ll wrap up our Friday with a meetup at the end will bring all of Systers communities together and potential members as well.

Systers communities represented this year are:

Special Interests
Student ResearcHers

Systers Initiatives
Systers Pass It On Awards
Systers Google Summer of Code
Anita’s Quilt
Best of Systers

Affinity Communities
LGBT in Computing & Turkish Women in Computing
Latinas in Computing
Black Women in Computing
– African Women in Computing
Turkish Women in Computing
Arab Women in Computing
Asian Women in Computing
– Chinese Women in Computing
– Filipinas in Computing
– Indian Women in Computing

Check out the GHC schedule in the >> program for location and times.


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