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T3 Summit Working To Improve Diversity & Inclusion in Tech

T3 stands for Teaching Tech Together. This a group of volunteers that wanted to bring many of the grass roots efforts together and share best practices, who’s doing what and see if there are opportunities to collaborate with organizations that could or complementing the work we are doing. From all of their efforts, T3 Summit was born.

Hosted at the Google Office in Boulder, Colorado, the summit brought together about 25 people from various organizations that are all improve the equity, diversity and inclusion in tech mainly from a grassroots efforts.



Organizations represented at the conference.

Students representing their research from:

What was fascinating was to hear the stories from all of the participants on their path to where they are now and how they are making a difference in their community through technology. There were very candid discussions about race, gender, sexual orientation, people with disabilities and class and the lack of equity, diversity and inclusion in the tech industry from all of these groups. The amount of sharing and learning that weekend left participants motivate, inspired and energetic to continue the work they’re doing as well as collaborating more with organizations in attendance.

Thank you to the organizers, the sponsors, and attendees. Keep inspiring us all through your work!


T3 Summit Band On Location at Google Boulder

T3 Summit Band