ABI.Local communities are self-organized groups that meet in person to grow and support current and aspiring women technologists. Our purpose is to inspire women to pursue and remain in technical fields, and provide the guidance they need to advance their careers in cities around the world.

  • ABI.Local communities are made up of women technologists at every career stage – across industry, academia and government.
  • Local leadership organizes ABI programs and events such as networking receptions with featured speakers, hackathons and 1-Day Grace Hopper Celebrations.


We envision a world map filled with ABI.Local communities, where women technologists connect with each other and organizations nearby – allowing them to learn, exchange stories, and grow their careers. We are establishing ABI.Local communities around the world, and are excited to launch the first one in New York.

If there’s not an ABI.Local community near you yet, there are other ways to get involved:


AnitaB.org Lean-In Circles are a joint effort between AnitaB.org and LeanIn.org, designed to bring women technologists together in intimate circles for support in starting and growing a technical career.

  1. Each circle is self-organized, setting its own meeting schedule and learning objectives
  2. Each circle has 8-12 members who share common goals and interests, and/or are at similar stages in their careers


Systers is the world’s largest email community of women in technical roles in computing. The list has over 4,000 members from at least 54 countries around the world. Join the community and attend Meetups with local Systers.