Gender Partnership Program

Our six-week gender partnership program helps companies address bias by using an active partnership between women technologists and their male colleagues.

At our first pilot organization, a group of 25 participants—13 men and 12 women—were divided into groups and asked to come up with solutions uniquely tailored to their company’s structure and culture. During the program, participants were surprised to learn that, much like at other tech companies, their organization’s female technologists don’t get moved up the ranks nearly as often as men, and sometimes don’t get paid as much as their male counterparts.

As a result of the gender partnership program, our pilot organization’s leadership team agreed to conduct a pay-equity study, which is currently underway. And both male and female participants felt more knowledgeable and better equipped to take action as a result of their learnings.

We look forward to working with additional companies who want to make measurable, positive change for their women technologists. If your company is interested in participating in gender partnership beta programs, please email us.