ABI conferences and award programs provide inspiration and skills for women pursuing technical careers in computing. They are a great place to meet the top talent you need to build innovative teams, and will energize and develop the women technologists that are already a part of your organization.

Grace Hopper Celebration

Started in 1994, GHC is now the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. In 2013, GHC hosted over 4,750 attendees from 53 countries including 1,900 students from over 400 academic institutions and 2,850 professionals from industry, government and academia.   The conference features keynotes by prominent women in technology, career workshops, and technical tracks from leading researchers and the best of ACM SIGSOFT & SIGGRAPH.  Meet the women who are transforming technology at the Grace Hopper Celebration.

Grace Hopper Celebration India

Technology is a global business requiring talent from around the world.  GHC India has grown rapidly since its inception in 2009.  In 2013, GHC India hosted over 1,000 attendees and featured keynotes from women leading large multi-national organizations. GHC India, like its American counterpart, has become the preeminent gathering of women technologists in the region.

Women of Vision ABIE Awards Banquet

The Women of Vision ABIE Awards banquet is an evening celebrating the accomplishments of outstanding women in technology as well as recognizing the annual winner of the prestigious AnitaB.org Top Company for Women in Computing.  The Women of Vision ABIE Awards banquet honors three women who have made significant contributions through technology in the areas of Innovation, Leadership and Social Impact.  This event brings the community together to salute the career achievements of three exceptional women technologists.  This unique evening is an opportunity for companies to reward and re-energize key women technologists.