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Donate to AnitaB.org to advance women in technology!

We’re living through challenging times. COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it and millions of people continue to be impacted by the outbreak every day.

Your ongoing support is crucial to our mission. It will enable us to stay the course and allow us time to make decisions about the future – while also, ensuring that we continue to offer you the support you have come to expect from AnitaB.org.

Without intentional and informed decision making, the strategic business goals of intersectional gender and pay parity could backslide even further. Studies have proven that the more complex problems are, the more important a diverse team is to create the best solutions. As many diverse perspectives as possible are needed to identify and develop holistic solutions to this complex crisis and forge a recovery plan. We do not take our role lightly and feel honored to be your trusted ally – serving as connector between technology innovators and educators, and women in technology.

By supporting women in tech, you are creating a more diverse and innovative future.

Donate today to support AnitaB.org/365 programs! You can also click here to learn about the AnitaB.org Tech Journey COVID-19 Emergency Fund.



Dec 31 2019

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