Finalize Host Location:

A good venue sets the tone for your Hackathon. Securing a venue can be one of the most expensive elements of en event, so always encourages organizers to look first at a venue donation. Here are some general guidelines to follow when looking for a venue :

  • Easily accessible via public transportation or parking options available
  • Reasonable access to building (no high security buildings)
  • Ensure your venue has the appropriate capacity for the target number of attendees
    • Set up can vary but make sure to consider there should be an area for participants to sit and work. Table, Chairs and wifi/internet connectivity to work.
    • Place for the target number of participants to have lunch and refreshments.
  • Supplies:– Wifi/Internet connectivity, whiteboards, dry erase markers, notepads, projector/screen, microphone/podium, name tag stickers, laptop/printer for registration purposes, pens, pencils, etc.