India Programs for Women Technologists


Our work in India is part of our global effort to establish diverse technical workforces throughout the world. We had our first successful Grace Hopper Celebration India in 2010. From there, our India programs have grown, focused on creating sustainable careers for women professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in technology.

Grace Hopper Celebration India

Modeled after the U.S. celebration, the Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) is the largest technical conference for women in the country and is co-presented with the Association for Computing Machinery-India. GHCI focuses on research, career, and entrepreneur interests of women in technology. In addition to technical and career tracks, India’s celebration offers specific programs for students and women re-entering the workforce.

  • Student programs
    • Our scholarships allow women students from computing, engineering, and IT backgrounds to attend GHCI. The scholarship covers registration, lodging, and meals during the celebration.
    • We also host a Career Fair focused on women students. This program gives companies the chance to recruit high-quality students from all over India.
  • During GHCI, we offer specially designed Back to Work sessions for women who took a 2-3 year break from work. These sessions give women an opportunity to learn, network, and gain confidence that they can come back to a technical career.


We organize codeathons exclusively for women at various stages in their tech career, from students to professionals. These codeathons are held in different cities throughout India, and allow women to code, network, and enhance their programming skills. Learn more about our latest initiative, 2017

The Women Entrepreneur Quest

Women Entrepreneur Quest is an annual contest for Indian women entrepreneurs who are founders of technical ventures. The Top 10 winners receive an expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley, where they make new connections and learn how to raise funding for their businesses. Meet last year’s winners.