Individual Profiles & Spotlights

Quincy Brown

From the Halls of Academia to the Formation of Government Policy: A Sector-Spanning STEM Legacy

Quincy was at a crossroads. She had just achieved tenure, the golden crown of the ivory tower. Was she really going to walk away from the halls of academia to forge a new path in the government and non-profit sectors? It would require a significant amount of self-reflection, self-awareness, self-care and guidance from the sisterhood. Fortunately, these assets have been plentiful in Quincy’s sphere. Read More

Mariah Lichtenstern

How a Diverse Background Led to DiverseCity Ventures:  Mariah Lichtenstern’s Incredible Journey

“My life is an open book,” says Mariah, as we commence our conversation. “Feel free to ask me anything.” With breathtaking authenticity, candor and transparency, Mariah takes us through the incredible journey that has been her life. Read More

Linda Kamau

Removing Barriers and Taking Over the World: How Linda Kamau and AkiraChix Will Train 10,000 Women in Tech in the Next Decade

As a naturally curious and confident person, Linda Kamau is no stranger to trailblazing. Read More

Afua Boateng

Congratulations to Afua Boateng, one of our 2020 Pass It On Award Winners.

Afua didn’t always see herself pursuing a career in tech. She initially planned to study Geography or Earth Science and gravitated towards Computer Science because of her strong background in physics, chemistry, and advanced math. Read More

Irma Olguin

Creating Her Own Tech Ecosystem: How Irma Olguin Turned Fresno into a Californian Tech Hub

When you think of tech hubs in California, you wouldn’t necessarily think of Fresno, at least, not until you meet Irma Olguin. Irma Olguin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bitwise Industries, a community that has developed the Central Valley’s technology ecosystem. Bitwise is making strides to create opportunities and resources for tech to flourish in the historically agricultural area of the Golden State.  Read More

Joan Nabusoba

Congratulations to Joan Nabusoba, one of our 2020 Pass It On Award Winners.

After seeing her father’s passion for technology, Joan was inspired to travel a similar path. She ended up in an Information Technology course, though she admits she didn’t know much about it. Read More