Individual Profiles & Spotlights

Joan Nabusoba

Congratulations to Joan Nabusoba, one of our 2020 Pass It On Award Winners.

After seeing her father’s passion for technology, Joan was inspired to travel a similar path. She ended up in an Information Technology course, though she admits she didn’t know much about it. Read More

Dorothy Li

Taking Hold of Prime Opportunities:  How Dorothy Li Created a Trailblazing Career at Amazon

Today, we know Amazon as a tech giant, but how did they get there? They got there with the help of seasoned innovators like Dorothy Li. When Dorothy first heard about Amazon from a friend in the late 90’s, it was merely an “online bookseller.” Little did she know, she would end up helping it develop into one of the Big Four technology companies.  Read More

Lesley Bishop

Making a 180 Into Tech: How Lesley Leveraged Her Counselling Skills to Become a Scrum Master

Had you asked Lesley Bishop ten years ago what she would be doing now, she wouldn’t have said working as a Scrum Master. Until two years ago, she didn’t even really know what a Scrum Master was. Lesley had always thought she’d pursue a career in counselling. After getting a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Iowa State and Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Colorado - Denver, she went into career counselling for higher education. Read More

Martha Teye

Congratulations to Martha Teye, one of our 2020 Pass It On Award Winners. We recognize Martha for building on her own experiences to teach women and girls in Ghana programming skills. Read More

Sanjana Paul

Hacking to Save the Planet:  How Sanjana Paul is Applying Tech to Protect Our Environment

Sanjana Paul has always been drawn to STEM. Even from a young age, she was interested in being a scientist and as she got older, she realized her true passion was in climate research. Starting college, Sanjana realized the confluences of all her interests converged around physics and math. She decided to get her Bachelor’s in Physics and Electrical Engineering to get a strong foundation for all of her other STEM pursuits. Read More

Esther Oyewole

Congratulations to Esther Oyewole, one of our 2020 Pass It On Award Winners. Esther was always fascinated by technology, even as a toddler.

She was always pulling apart electronic devices to see what makes them work. In high school, when she was drawn to software development because she wanted to create a product or app to positively impact the world. Read More