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Have questions about Top Companies? We have answers. #MeasureWhatMatters

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Our interactive webinar series recordings answer the questions to your questions about Top Companies 2016. Each webinar addresses a specific topic. We recommend everyone listen to Webinar #4, which focuses on Data Gathering.

New Participants

Is Top Companies new to your organization? Webinar #1 gives an overview of the program, and discusses both how your organization benefits along with advice on approaching the submission process.

Returning Participants

Want to know what’s new in Top Companies for 2016? Listen to Webinar #2 to find out about how we’ve improved the program and how changes affect your submission.

Learning from 2015 Results

Does your organization want to raise their 2015 ranking? We can help you focus your effort toward driving changes to your score. Webinar #3 focuses on the value of continued participation and why measuring your workforce is vital to accountability.

Data Gathering & Submission

Ready to collect your data? Webinar #4 offers a detailed discussion about the importance of workforce definitions and measurements.

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