Meetup Task Timeline

For informal meetups, you should plan at least 4-6 weeks ahead with an additional week for feedback.


Meetup Types

Celebration/Inspiration (examples) Anita Borg’s Birthday (Jan. 17th) Grace Hopper’s Birthday (Dec. 9th) Career Moves (promotions, completing an educational program, etc.) Recognize a ABI[dot]Local community member for her accomplishment Impact ABI(dot]Local initiatives Pre conference collaborations Professional Career/Development Sourcing Software Development / Coding Skills


After your meetup, it’s always great to follow up with your attendees to understand any improvements, ideas for next meetup and potential hosts. Outreach Social Media Advertise on Promote on website Advertise on Treasure Hunt or mobile game

Meetup Planning Checklist

We recommend completing follow up tasks outlined below: MEETUP LOGISTICS Day ___________________________ Time __________________________ MEETUP TYPE Choose One Celebration /Inspiration Conference Planning Professional / Career Development Tech Innovation / New Research Software Development / Coding Skills K-12 Initiative Code-a-thon/Hackathon / Hack Other __________________________ SPEAKER Yes/No If yes, speaker name _________________________________ Confirmed? Yes/no VENUE Choose One... Read more »

Meetup Planning Checklist

We recommend completing follow up tasks outlined below: REGISTRATION & COMMUNICATION Create your meetup on Use an approved registration tool to manage the number of potential attendees Notified everyone in your area about the meetup (use your meetup site and social media) Promote in communities, Systers, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Big Thanks to... Read more »

Program Description

Program Description WHAT? ABI[dot]Local Meetups are organized by members of ABI[dot]Local community members. Meetups are an opportunity to meet other women technologists, gain new insights into career opportunities and transitions, and grow your network in an informal setting. WHO? Women technologists and male advocates at supporting organizations. WHERE? Various venues depending on meetup type. WHEN?... Read more »


Finding a space to hold your meetup can be challenging. As a community, each organizer is responsible for finding a venue for the meetup. You should determine your meetup type first and estimate how many would attend. You want to accommodate not only the number of attendees, but the meetup type. We suggest the following... Read more »