Finding a space to hold your meetup can be challenging. As a community, each organizer is responsible for finding a venue for the meetup. You should determine your meetup type first and estimate how many would attend. You want to accommodate not only the number of attendees, but the meetup type. We suggest the following NO COST options.

Meetup Type Venue Options
Celebration/Inspiration University / Local Business
Conference Planning Library / Municipal buildings
Professional/Career Development University / Local Business
Sourcing  University / Co-Working Space
SD/Coding Skills  Research Labs/University
Networking/Hangout  Local Sponsor (e.g.
Meetup All above
  • Check with local University for space. They are always willing to support local efforts especially like an community.
  • Co-working space are great to tap into local businesses and other freelancers, startups, incubators, etc.
  • If you decide to hold your meetup in a restaurant, collaborates with thousands of area businesses where they would give you discounted food and beverage in exchange for promoting them on social media or online rating applications.
  • Consider asking your organization to host the meetup. By doing this, you could open doors to great technical contributors in your community.