Membership Committees: Eligibility & Expectations

Please review the following before signing up for an Inaugural Committee.

Eligibility  |  Expectations of Inaugural Committee Members
Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion |  Certification and Agreement


  • Candidates must be current members in good standing of, and must remain so for
    the duration of their appointment.
  • Candidates cannot serve on more than one committee during the initial year of their Membership.

Expectations of Inaugural Committee Members

Inaugural Committee members will serve for an annual term which will commence with an initial meeting in August, 2019, and will have monthly meetings until January 2020, at which time meetings will become bi-monthly until June 2020.

Committee members who wish to continue after June 2020 will be expected to re-apply based on the committee criteria set by that committee during its beta standing. The Chair and/or Co-chair roles will also have the same initial term length, though it is expected that a new and/or continuing Chair or Co-chairs will be selected in early 2020.

While the committees will serve their overall purposes (be it strategic or functional), the initial efforts of the committees will be to focus on developing the Committee Charters and Roles and Responsibilities, with oversight and direction from senior leaders at

It is expected that committee members take an active part in at least 66% of committee meetings (either on-site or virtually) and commit at least two (2) hours in between each meeting for committee documentation development and review.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has made a core commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Committee
appointments should seek to offer leadership and service opportunities to members with this commitment in mind. Racially or ethnically underrepresented colleagues should be offered opportunities wherever possible, including LGBTQ and male allies.

In general, appointments should:

  • Seek geographic diversity on committees. This includes international representation and/or
    representation from different regions of the United States.
  • Seek diversity in types of institutions represented on committees. This includes candidates from
    public, private, and educational institutions, as well as candidates from small, mid-sized, and
    larger organizations.
  • Seek to balance seniority, experience, and tenure in committees.

Questions about the Inaugural Committees may be directed to

Certification and Agreement

Considerable effort, devotion, and hard work will be expected of each Committee member. Committee membership carries an obligation to participate actively in all work of the Committee, including the contribution and generation of information, prompt replies to draft reports and ballots, attendance and participation at Committee meetings, and prompt completion of assigned tasks.

The applicant hereby agrees to notify of a change in any of the information provided in this application, including a change in employment or enrollment status at the organization represented.

The applicant agrees to abide by the Terms of Use.

The applicant attests that the information provided in this application for Committee Membership is true and accurate.

The applicant hereby agrees that the applicant’s authorship contributions to in connection with work performed as a member of an Committee are considered to be works made for hire for

To the extent that the applicant retains any rights in copyright as to such authorship contributions, the applicant signed hereby grants and assigns to all such rights.

The applicant understands that the applicant will have no rights in any publications that use such contributions by the applicant and certifies to the best of the applicant’s knowledge that such contributions are not protected by the copyright of any other person or entity.