Program Description


An Networking Reception is a gathering of women technologists in a local area to connect and be inspired by other women in computing. The event features an invited speaker/subject matter expert.


Women technologists and male advocates at supporting organizations.


Receptions can be held anywhere but are typically hosted by a local company.


Receptions are held in the evening for 2-3 hours. They can be organized as often as desired by the local committee, recommends 2-4 times a year.



Bring together women technologists and organizations in the same geographical area.


Attendees will be inspired by stories from the speakers and other women in computing. Organizations can showcase their support of women in computing.


The invited speaker will provide timely insights about leading technology innovation.


Sample Agenda:

  • Registration & Networking (1 hour)
  • Welcome (2-5 min.)
  • Speaker (45 min.)
  • Q&A (15 min.)
  • Closing remarks & Networking (30 min.)

Ideas for dates to host Networking Receptions:

  • Consider organizing an event on these dates:
  • Anita Borg’s Birthday (January 17th)
  • International Women’s Day (March 8th)
  • Girls ICT Day (April)
  • Grace Hopper’s Birthday (December 9th)

Execute Program Design

Here is a checklist to help you execute your program design. Twelve to eight weeks before the event Confirm venue/host location Confirm date and time of event Identify and ask potential speaker(s) Identify and Invite MC (check with staff for availability Eight to four weeks before the event Open Registration Conduct Outreach Plan Logistics... Read more »

Plan Logistics

Here is a checklist to help you plan logistics at the event. Twelve to eight weeks before the event Confirm venue/host location Confirm date and time of event Decide on room set up (high or regular tables, chairs or not, auditorium, etc.) Ask host about policy regarding having a photographer document the event. If the... Read more »

Plan Budget

Here is a sample budget worksheet with space for you to fill in details specific to your event. Costs to Consider Details Funding Source Estimate (fill in) Real Cost (fill in) Venue Venue Guidelines $ $ Food Decide depending on style of event. Casual cocktail reception: Basic level includes – 2 hr open bar, fruit... Read more »

Event Follow Up

After your event, we recommend completing follow up tasks outlined below: Send the post-event survey the Day after the event ( will provide sample survey questions and a tool) Debrief with the volunteers and Program Planning Committee and share lessons learned Report to (send statistics and summary to ABI) Write a blog post about... Read more »


Program Chain       Speaker/Panel Organizer   Networking Activity Organizer   Logistics Co-ordinator   Event Host   Registration   Onsite Volunteers   Publicity and Social Meadia   Photographer   Evalution and Reporting

Networking Reception Milestones

    Plan Budget (2-4 weeks)       Monitor Budget (8-12 weeks)     Finalize Host Location (4-8 weeks)   Plan Logistics (8-12 weeks)   Open Registration (2-4 weeks)     Establish Program Committee (2-4 weeks)     Design Overall Program (2-4 weeks)     Execute Program Design (8-12 weeks)        ... Read more »

Establish Networking Reception Program Committee

The first step to planning a Networking Reception is to establish a program committee. Your committee should be made up of a variety of volunteers from industry, academia and government. Consider what experience levels your volunteers are and communicate to them the time commitment they will be expected to make. Here are some roles we... Read more »

Design Overall Program

This is a checklist to help you make decisions about your program design. Once you have answers to all of these questions/items you are ready to execute your event. We recommend having all of these in place 12-8 weeks prior to your event. Who is the main audience you would like to have attend the... Read more »

Finalize Host Location:

A good venue sets the tone for your Regional Hub event. Securing a venue can be one of the most expensive elements of en event, so always encourages organizers to look first at a venue donation. Here are some general guidelines to follow when looking for a venue : Easily accessible via public... Read more »