Establish Networking Reception Program Committee

The first step to planning a Networking Reception is to establish a program committee. Your committee should be made up of a variety of volunteers from industry, academia and government. Consider what experience levels your volunteers are and communicate to them the time commitment they will be expected to make. Here are some roles we suggest each member take on., some committee members may take on more than one role. Depending on the time commitment of your volunteers you need 5-10 people on your committee.

  • Steering Committee Representative: this person will be part of the Program Planning Committee and will communicate regularly with the Steering Committee about the events (1-2 hours per year)
  • Event Organizer: Coordinates all Program Planning Committee Members for planning and execution of the Program (20-25 hours per event)
    • Manages timeline, and assignments of Program Planning Committee Members
    • On-site volunteers: recruits and manages volunteers to oversee all logistics concerns the day of the event
    • Badges: coordinates plans with Event Host, Registration Volunteers, and Activity Organizer
    • Signage: Decide what signs to be used for the event, and coordinate printing or for existing sign, with who/where they are being stored in between events
  • Event Host is in charge of all arrangements at the venue (security, catering, AV, etc.)(11-15 hours per event)
  • Speaker’s point of contact: make the ask, work on content, slides, logistical preparation, follow-up thank you.(1-3 hours per event)
  • Outreach: everyone on the Program Planning Committee should participate in outreach to their respective networks
  • Publicity and Social Media:contact media or publicize the event on different social media channels.
  • Registration (2 volunteers): decide on and manage registration policy/process (see recommendations below) (15-20 hours per event)
  • Activity Organizer: if you plan to have a networking activity, have one person as the lead to organize(3-10 hours per event)
  • Onsite Volunteers to help on the day of the event: for check in, or for organizing speed networking or other activities, etc. (3-5 hours)
  • Evaluation and Reporting: provide with feedback on the event and participants/volunteers information (3-10 hours)
  • Photographer (optional)