2019 Pass It On Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Anita Borg Systers Pass It On Awards!

The principle “Think globally, act locally” has long inspired individuals to improve the quality of the world around them by acting in their own communities. The Systers Pass It On Award program has enabled women to improve people’s lives through the use of technology locally, while achieving worldwide impact, since 2007.

Every year, offers grants to women to support projects that serve the needs of women in computing. Sometimes the awards are for personal assistance such as education. More often, they are for projects that impact large groups, such as teaching girls to code or developing mobile apps that serve a primarily female audience.

Following are summaries of the 2019 award winning projects and their dedicated, inspiring creators. You can also view all of our winners here.

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Odegua O.
Project Title: CODE with GIRLS Lagos

Country: Nigeria
Code with Girls Lagos is a three-day technology workshop for 60 high school girls and 10 STEM teachers from remote public secondary schools.

Aakrati T.
Project Title: Teach Rural Girls to Code
Country: India
The computer science program will be held in a school in in a rural Indian village. It will be conducted remotely via Skype teachers who work in Silicon Valley.

Chepkemoi M.
Project Title: North-Rift Women in STEM
Country: Kenya
This project will organize four three-day boot camps for 120 women in each of the four counties in the rural and semi-rural North Rift region.

Silvia de A.
Project Title: Practical Internet of Things (IoT) Course for Young Women
Country: Brazil
Students will develop technological solutions as well as learn basic concepts of electronics, computer programming, and mobile application development.

Julie F.
Project Title: Empowering Women with Supercomputers
Country: Canada
The project aims to create all-female HPC classes at Université Laval Calcul Québec, and to become a member of Women In HPC, an organization that promotes access to supercomputers to women around the world.

Spofia A.
Project Title: Women in Construction Technology Skills Empowerment
Country: Uganda
The Women in Construction Technology Skills Empowerment Project aims to empower young girls in secondary school by training them on Computer Aided Design.

Anna K.
Project Title: Re-examining the Materiality of STEM Learning Through Fabric-based Computing
Country: Germany
Anna’s dissertation addresses the computational concepts used with weaving and sewing; how youth engage these concepts while crafting; and which computational processes materialize.

Damini S.
Project Title: Elsa: AI Conversational Agent Aimed at Improving Mental Health for Women
Country: India
Elsa is an open-source conversational agent to help treat depression. It runs CBT questionnaires in the form of a chatbot interaction, gathers data from the user, and determine the type of depression the user may have.

Shwetal S.
Project Title: Erase All Kittens
Country: India
Erase All Kittens is a web-based platform game that teaches children (aged 8-14) real programming languages. By developing interest in technology early, this project can provide a new way to help close the gender gap.