Announcing the 2020 Abie Award Winners

At, we celebrate and highlight the success of women technologists and those who support women in tech. Our Abie Awards honor these distinguished women, whose achievements and life stories demonstrate that all of us have the power to improve our world, individually and collectively.

Congratulations to our 2020 Abie Award Winners. We look forward to having them speak at Virtual GHC and share their achievements with you. Below is additional information about our winners.

Dr. Jess Wade – Change Agent Abie Award Winner
Dr. Jessica Wade

Dr. Jess Wade is championing women in STEM fields by tackling gender bias on Wikipedia. She has been addressing this representation challenge since 2016 by writing at least one Wikipedia article per day for underrepresented people in STEM fields, which has led to her adding hundreds of Wikipedia biographies per year. Jess is receiving the stories and work of underrepresented groups all over the world and helping to broadcast their accomplishments on one of the most widely referenced free encyclopedic platforms.

Today, Jess has successfully organized hundreds of Wikipedia edit-a-thons all over the world, and the impact of these events has been covered by the BBC, CNN, Nature, Guardian, HuffPost, New York Times, and more.

Learn more about her accomplishments and the impact she is making globally.


Dr. Olga Russakovsky – Emerging Leader Abie Award Winner in Honor of Denice Denton
Dr. Olga Russakovsky

Dr. Olga Russakovsky is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. She is one of the leaders of the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition challenge and has been recognized as one of the world’s top young innovators. Her current research considers the historical and societal bias within visual recognition and the development of computational solutions that promote algorithmic fairness.

Olga has also co-founded groundbreaking initiatives to improve access to computer science and public understanding of artificial intelligence.

Learn more about her achievements and work on AI.


Pelagia Majoni – Student of Vision Abie Award Winner

Pelagia MajoniPelagia Majoni grew up in a remote unelectrified region of Zimbabwe. She was aware of challenges within her community from an early age and found herself frequently proposing ideas to her mother on how they might be solved.

Today, Pelagia has founded and led multiple technology projects with the aim to “make a phenomenal impact on girls in Zimbabwe”. Her work combines leading programming workshops that promote access to STEM education and simultaneously build the technology and workforce skillsets Zimbabwe needs to address its energy access and food supply challenges.

Learn more about her accomplishments and the impact of her work.


Dr. Lisa Su – Technical Leadership Abie Award Winner
Dr. Lisa Sue
Dr. Lisa Su is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).  AMD is powering the future of gaming through its microprocessors, APUs, and graphics chips.

Through Lisa’s remarkable leadership as a business executive and electrical engineer, AMD went from being on the brink of bankruptcy to having its strongest performance in the 50-year history of the company in 2019 after bringing to market several leading-edge technologies. She lead AMD to diversify beyond the PC market and secure a strong foothold in the server and PC CPU and GPU markets

Learn more about her leadership and achievements.


Tracy Young – Technology Entrepreneurship Abie Award Winner

Tracy YoungTracy Young is the co-founder and former CEO of PlanGrid, the leader in mobile construction management software. Under her leadership and vision, PlanGrid grew from a small startup in 2011 to a construction industry leader with more than 400 employees and 1.5 million construction projects in over 90 countries. In this period of growth, Tracy oversaw the corporate direction and strategy of the company, focusing on leadership, technological innovation, and customers.

PlanGrid holds several patents for their technology and invented software features such as automatic version control of blueprints, automatic sheet naming, and more, to address the challenges of the $13 trillion global construction industry.

Learn more about her accomplishments and the PlanGrid’s impact.

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