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2015 Top Companies Award Winner


“ is committed to helping women have fulfilling and meaningful careers and finding companies where they can thrive” – Telle Whitney, CEO of

The Top Companies initiative focuses on identifying companies committed to the success of technical women at all career levels. Using a rigorous statistical method, we evaluate participating companies on their current representation, recruitment and promotion of women, as well as the year over year trends in these areas.

BNY Mellon is this year’s winner of the Top Companies for Women Technologists award, with the highest overall score. BNY Mellon understands the importance of engaging the entire talent pool to produce new products and services for its clients. “Women in technology are a vital part of this effort and are involved in many aspects of our business, from innovating the next generation of products and services to leading major change initiatives,” said Monique R. Herena, Chief Human Resources Officer, BNY Mellon.

BNY Mellon scored well across all areas we measure. They have high representation of women across career levels. Additionally, BNY Mellon offers a specific career advancement track for technical individual contributors. Within this category, BNY Mellon has an extremely high representation of women at senior and executive levels. Their scores show an overall commitment to improving the success of technical women at their company.

In addition to the Top Companies Winner, this year we launched the Top Companies Leadership Index. The Leadership Index recognizes the companies that scored better than average, overall, when compared to other participants. hopes this index offers women insights into companies where they can build rewarding careers in tech.

“When there’s an uncompromising commitment to diversity and inclusion, as modeled by’s Leadership Index, we believe that industry and cultural change naturally leads to breakthrough innovation,” said Jyoti Chopra, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, BNY Mellon.

Lucille Mayer, Chief Information Officer of Client Experience Delivery at BNY Mellon, will accept the Top Companies Award at our Women of Vision event on May 14th.