Webinar #3: Entrepreneurs Navigating Constant Change

Hosted by Brenda Darden Wilkerson, this new series addresses what companies can do to address the impact of COVID-19.

In our third installment for this webinar series, Brenda Darden Wilkerson spoke with three amazing entrepreneurs: Irma Olguin, Michelle Millben, and Christopher Upperman. Together, they held an engaging conversation about how to support entrepreneurship during these challenging times.

Watch the full recording below. Learn more about our past and upcoming webinars for this series, and scroll down to see our list of resources to help you connect, learn, and find support during these difficult times.

Resource Link Participant
Evolve Entrepreneurship is collecting small business owners’ experiences with COVID and sharing them with the Hill in order to better inform COVID relief policy, so if you would like your voice heard, please fill out our survey. Christopher Upperman
Age appropriate and nonpartisan content to give adults the answers to kids’ important questions about issues in our country. Michelle Millben
Resources from UC Riverside Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: Resources for Sacramento entrepreneurs amid COVID-19 impacts Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: A group-curated list of resources Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: Small Business Relief Fund is part of the Small Business Relief Initiative, a program supported by GoFundMe, Yelp, and Intuit QuickBooks. Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: Facebook resources and loans

Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: COVIDbase COVIDbase website Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: @CASEatDuke launched #COVID19CapitalRelief, a searchable database for global, national, and regional capital sources for for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurs at risk due to #COVID19. #COVID19CapitalRelief Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: Find capital relief Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: Other resources Jill Finlayson
UC Riverside: Learn more LinkedIn blog Jill Finlayson
Evolve Entrepreneurship list of resources for small businesses that includes federal, state, and local resources as well as sources of funding that will consistently be updating. Angeline Apostolou
Vijay Computer Academy offers basic to advance IT certifications and boot camps with many free tech workshops for students, educators, businesses, moms, professionals, and leaders. Shefali Kapoor Patel
Etsy Resources

Jill Finlayson
eBay Resources

Jill Finlayson
Tip baiting with Instacart Jill Finlayson
Free Code in Place course from Stanford Code in Place

Stanford Daily news article

Jill Finlayson
COVID-19 Resource Center  Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Black American Startup Resource List Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Typeform Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Grants for Black Women Entrepreneurs Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Open Road Alliance  Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
New York Fed Coronavirus Resource Center Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
List of Arts Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Your Friends in New York™ Business Relief Fund Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Resources for Small Businesses & Vendors in New York City Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Thryv Small Business Foundation Grant Program for SMBs Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
Emergency financial resources Natasha Green (@NatashaGreen25)
U.S. Small Business Administration Susan Paul (@spconsultsinc)
Salesforce Care Small Business Grants Susan Paul (@spconsultsinc)
COVID-19 Business Center – Business for All National Resources + $10,000 Grants Susan Paul (@spconsultsinc)
Business Resource Center Susan Paul (@spconsultsinc)