We’re Helping GHC Scholars Affected by Travel Disruptions

Although the hurricanes that tore through the Caribbean and the U.S. South Atlantic coast spared Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) venues from serious damage, our community is deeply affected by this year’s storms, as well as the Mexico City earthquake and other natural disasters around the world this fall.

Out of this year’s cohort of 700+ GHC Scholars, nine are traveling from Puerto Rico, an island greatly affected by the hurricanes. Additionally, one faculty Scholar is traveling via Mexico City, where airport service remains irregular.’s GHC team has reached out to all of these affected scholarship recipients to help rebook their flight plans as needed.

If you’re a non-scholarship GHC attendee living in one of the affected areas, we encourage you to contact your travel provider for up-to-date information regarding airport closures, flight disruptions, and change-waiver timeframes.

Our community members in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Central Mexico face a long road ahead as they look to rebuild. The Caribbean region, in particular, will endure many months without access to critical infrastructure. Educational institutions and employers may be unable to cope with prolonged loss of electricity and transportation. In light of this, the GHC team will continue to look for ways to support our community members affected by these natural disasters. We also encourage members of our global community to reach out to women in their network who may need your personal and professional assistance in the coming months.