Attend Male Ally Summit 2019 is presenting “Male Ally Summit 2019” to inform advocates on how to become change agents that drive intersectional gender equity in tech. We will bring together ambassadors, mentors, sponsors, and other champions to network with peers and gain strategies to make teams feel seen, heard, and welcomed, which will result in higher levels of engagement.

In this third annual event, we will present more than 25 inspiring, impactful speakers and will give attendees the opportunity to choose sessions from multiple tracks. Engaging keynotes and compelling topics will be covered by individuals in the community. Each person will bring their unique perspectives to these issues, and explain different ways they create impact, make change, and work to ensure their environments are inclusive and make all feel welcome — no matter a person’s color, creed, or cultural background.

This event will be held November 5, 2019 in New York City. Learn more and register for Male Ally Summit 2019!