Announcements and the American Indian College Fund Send Native American Students to GHC

We at are always looking for new ways to support underrepresented women in tech. This year, we were proud to partner with the American Indian College Fund to send eight Native American women from Tribal colleges to the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC 18). Thanks to funding from Northrop Grumman, we were able to cover both their registration and trip expenses. These women had never attended GHC before, making it a unique and eye-opening experience for them.

“I am grateful that I could experience Grace Hopper Celebration,” said Stormie Jackson, a student at Sinte Gleska University. “It was more just attending sessions and learning from the experience — it is also a life changer in the sense that you make life long connections with companies and other attendees.”

“Thanks to, [these students] returned to their academic institutions with a stronger vision for their futures,” added Jack Soto, Program Manager at Career Readiness Pathways.

Additionally, we were able to connect these women with Robin Máxkii, one of the students from the series Roadtrip Nation: Code Trip. Robin grew up in a small Native American tribe where access to technology was limited. She built her own computer when she could not afford the one she wanted, and continues to follow her passion for tech by coding and blogging, making her an inspiring role model for underrepresented women in tech.

“As a female Native in tech, I often find myself underrepresented at conferences,” said Robin. “This was an extraordinary opportunity to not just be in a room surrounded by women in technology, but meet people whose backgrounds were similar and who had similar goals. To be surrounded by that much ambition, brilliance, and inspiration is a powerful motivating force.”

We are so grateful that these eight women could attend GHC, and look forward to seeing how they will change the future of tech.