Statement from Brenda Darden Wilkerson on Congressional Action on Competitiveness Legislation

Statement from Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO,, on Congressional Action on Competitiveness Legislation

I applaud the United States Senate and its work on the bipartisan United States Innovation and Competition Act (S 1260) and its recent passage. I’m also pleased the House is passing its National Science Foundation for the Future Act (HR 2225) today. These bills will enhance America’s scientific, technological, and industrial competitiveness through investments in research and development, STEM education, advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, supply chains, and semiconductor development. The Senate bill also includes several initiatives endorsed by, such as the Combating Sexual Harassment in Science Act, the STEM Opportunities Act, and elements of the Rural STEM Education Act. There is also an exciting new proposal to expand access to K-12 computer science in the bill, and provisions to improve the education of the skilled technical workforce by supporting partnerships between industry and community colleges, curriculum development, apprenticeships, professional development for faculty, the development of career pathways, and research on effective STEM distance learning. There is much in the historic proposal that is exciting for and women technologists, and we look forward to working with the Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate as the bill winds its way through the legislative process.

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