Telle Whitney: CS&E Lean In Circles Coming to Your Campus

I am pleased to announce that is partnering with the Lean In Foundation, Facebook and LinkedIn on a new global effort to create and expand Lean In Circles focused on Computer Science and Engineering on college campuses. Our objective is to greatly expand the presence and engagement of Lean In circles and chapters on campus.

In our work at the, and at our annual Grace Hopper Celebration, we see the impact that meeting and connecting with peers has on students. In 2014, a record 2786 students attended GHC.  As a result of their experience at GHC, 88% of students increased their commitment to a technology career.

Access to and engagement with inspirational role models and career guidance can be life changing. But GHC only happens once a year. What if you had access to a strong, structured network year round? This is the promise of the Lean In Circles.

What role will play in this new expansion of student circles? Through GHC and our ongoing engagement with student communities, we have gathered rich resources in the form of stories, videos and other content to help students organize their local gatherings and connect with others around the world.

I am very much looking forward to meeting many of the new Circle members, and to have the chance to learn from them as well support them through our content.

This is an important effort for us. In partnership with Sheryl Sandberg, the wonderful Lean In staff including Rachel Thomas and Ashley Finch, as well as the Facebook and LinkedIn team, we can and will change the face of student chapters around the world.