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Convincing Your Boss to Fund Your Trip to GHC

Whether the Grace Hopper Celebration is an annual destination for you and your team or it’s your first year and you’re developing a budget approval strategy , time is short. To help you find your way, take and reshape the template below to suit your needs. And if your manager still won’t make it rain – do what it takes to get to the Minneapolis Convention Center October 2-5, starting with posting your papers in our resume database


Hi (Insert Manager’s Name here),

[Open your letter with a short statement about how and why your company will benefit from you attending GHC including relevance directly related to your industry ROI through personnel development.  Example:  “I appreciate our commitment as  a company to developing employees skillset through outside training.  The Grace Hopper conference brings together thousands of women in tech together for four days, where we learn skills (negotiating, communicating with project managers, and inspiration) that is brought back to the office.]

The Grace Hopper Celebration has grown to be the largest gathering of women technologists in the world. It will be held October 2-5 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minnesota. The organizing committee, invited speakers, and sponsors include government and industry leaders as well as leading academic institutions Carnegie Mellon University INI, Harvey Mudd College, Cornell University among others. Women come together to learn about the latest technology, learn new skills to enhance and advance their education and career, and build their network.

Having a (Insert Your Company’s Name here) presence at GHC is important because it demonstrates that our institution values diversity. This is in line with the (Insert Your Company’s Name here) vision of (Insert relevant institutional vision/mission/etc. addressing career ownership and trajectory).

Our/My request is for funding to attend the conference. Attached is an estimate of expenses. The conference has sold out the past few years and hotels are filling up fast. (Insert support funding from other sources like travel scholarships, self-funding, room sharing, and presentation role, if any). A “Top Ten” list of companies sending the most employees is highlighted during the conference “Welcome”, giving us an opportunity for positive visibility on a national stage. We will return from the Grace Hopper Celebration inspired and motivated by new connections and experiences that will increase my productivity and innovation.. Sending a manager is vital to ensure that our company gets the most from this experience. (X) can also serve as a mentor to help us put together a presentation about our experience.

At this conference, we will be fortunate to meet women who have done just that – they have become CEOs, Professors, Directors, Managers, and leaders through talent, hard work, and passion. We want to get inspired and do the same at (insert your institution name here).  For four days, we will be thinking about the effect of greater diversity on innovation with this year’s conference theme, “Think Big, Drive Forward”. We will attend multiple panels, workshops, seminars, affinity group lunches, forums, poster sessions, and interact with women from all areas of technology. After returning to (Insert Institution Name Here), we will host an “Everything we learned at GHC” presentation for our department and write an informative article or blog in the (Insert Department Newsletter Name Here) Newsletter for distribution to a larger audience.

One of the many forums at the conference is focused on (Select the Tracks/Sessions relevant to your field).  This includes some of the following presentations:

·        (Session 1 Name Here)

·        (Session 2 Name Here)

·        (Session 3 Name Here)

There are opportunities for senior leaders to network, like the “Technical Executive Forum” and “Senior Women in Computing Networking Luncheon”.

There will also be keynotes and leadership workshops as well as Lunch Time Table talks and an Open Source Day opportunity to code for social good.

With so much to offer, the Grace Hopper Celebration is an opportunity I should not miss. I appreciate your generous support in funding us/me so that we/I can contribute to the technical community here at (Insert Company Name).

Thank you!


(Insert Your Name Here)

<Attachment of Estimated Expenses, including registration, hotel, travel, and meals>