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Download the GHC13 App!

There is no possible way to take advantage of all of the resources at the Grace Hopper Celebration.  What with all of the speakers, interviews, booths, and networking opportunities-it can be overwhelming.

In order to better serve attendees, (and add fun) has partnered with Double Dutch to offer the Grace Hopper Celebration 2013 app.  The app is available on iOS and  Android devices, Windows Phones and laptops.

Game On

Because there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, badges will be awarded to people who connect with other conference attendees, upload photos and check-in at events.  And, of course, prizes such as front row seats to keynote addresses and the chance to win app-specific swag.  Prizes will be randomly awarded to attendees who do things like write session reviews, update their status, and network with other users.

Stay Informed will publish updates about events like the Latinas in Computing lunch, meet and greet opportunities as well as conference specific updates.  “We feel that the app will facilitate networking between attendees,” says Grace Hopper Celebration Director Seema Gururaj.  “It will also provide invaluable feedback for future celebrations.”

Get Started

Download the app here using the email you used to register for the conference.  The password is twtghc13.  Make sure to check the app before the conference.  There will be a “Traveling to GHC” photo contest, where attendees will upload photos of their travels to Minneapolis on the app.