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Hey NYC, Got the Post-GHC Blues? Check Out ABI.New York’s first locally organized community, ABI.New York, invites you to its December 8 reception featuring a discussion on Cognitive Computing and looking Beyond Big Data with Brenda Jorgensen Dietrich, IBM Fellow and VP of Emerging Technology in the IBM Watson Group.

Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s a recap of the reception that launched ABI.New York with a bang in October:

Goldman Sachs hosted the ABI.New York panel discussion on Business Transformation through Disruptive Technology, moderated by Jodi Berman Managing Director, BlackRock and featuring the following leaders from industries across finance, fashion, technology and media:

  • Jo Hannaford, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
  • Camille Fournier, Chief Technology Officer, Rent the Runway
  • Andi Mann, Vice President, CA Technologies
  • Jason Stein, Director, Technical Advisor, Time Inc.

Jodi Berman kicked off the event by sharing her definition of disruptive technology – an innovation that helps to displace an earlier technology.  She attributed BlackRock’s Aladdin platform as an example of such technology helping BlackRock to grow market share.

Jo shared her thoughts on disruptive technologies and what technologies we are leveraging to address Big Data problems.

Camille contributed her perspective from the fashion industry, highlighting logistics management and algorithmic problems to manage inventory, reduce shipping costs and leverage predictive demand as the biggest challenges of online retail today.

Andi provided advice on how to embrace technology innovations, posing the question, ‘What are innovation killers?’ She cited corporate attitudes as a culprit. Large companies can be innovative (e.g. Disney, Apple, etc.), and small companies can also be hampered by logistics.

Jason discussed creative ideas on how to foster innovation, including cross-functional collaboration, holding frequent hackathons and building repeatable processes.

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