50/50 by 2025: Keeping Anita Borg’s Vision Alive

Dr. Anita Borg was optimistic that 50% of technologists would be women by the year 2020. Sadly, recent studies have revealed that only about 25% of technologists today are women. Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of, spoke with IRL, a Podcast by Mozilla, about why so many women have left the tech field.

“We left because we weren’t treated fairly,” she explained. “[W]e left because the opportunities weren’t there. We left because when we got right to the midcareer, there was no place to go.”

Brenda spoke about her own experiences and hardships as a woman of color in the tech workforce, and spoke about how we at are determined to increase the number of women technologists.

“We’ve boldly announced an update to Anita’s vision. We’d like to see 50/50 by 2025. We’re calling it Tech Equity for All Women.”

Listen to the IRL podcast and read the full transcript.