ABIE Winner Lydia Kavraki Awarded for Invention

After receiving numerous awards, including the 2015 Technical Leadership ABIE Award, Rice University computer scientist Lydia Kavraki has accepted yet another honor: the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Athena Lecturer Award. Lydia received this accolade in recognition of her research in and contributions to computer science, specifically for inventing randomized motion-planning algorithms in robotics. Lydia is currently collaborating with NASA on creating motion-planning technology for a humanoid robotic assistant, which the agency will deploy this year.

ACM President Vicki Hanson also praised Lydia for her work in mentoring younger colleagues, especially women. “Her career exemplifies the award’s overarching goal of celebrating and supporting women in computing,” Vicki stated. Learn more about Lydia’s dedication to supporting women in technology.

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