Anita Borg’s Impact on ABIE Winner Laura Mather

Dr. Laura Mather considers Anita Borg to be her “favorite futurist,” admiring Anita’s optimistic vision for the future of both tech and women in computing. Inspired to likewise support women technologists and promote diversity, Laura created Talent Sonar, a hiring platform that uses technology to address unconscious bias throughout hiring process. For her work, Laura won the ABIE Award for Technology Entrepreneurship, one of the eight prestigious ABIE Awards that gives out each year.

“The list of women being honored this year is a powerful one,” Laura writes. “And I think of every single one of them as a futurist. It’s a future for which we can thank pioneers like Anita Borg for creating: a technology sector that reflects the talents of all of us in society.”

We will present Laura’s award along with the other ABIE Awards at this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). Learn more about our 2017 ABIE Award winners.

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