Mentions CEO and COO to Host The Next Web Answers Session on Pay Parity

The Next Web Answers will feature President and CEO Brenda Darden Wilkerson and COO Jacqueline Copeland discussing 50/50 Tech Equity for All Women by 2025.

Wednesday, April 10
12-1 p.m. PT

Join the Session

Despite efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech field, the gender pay gap has worsened, especially for women of color. White women makes 81 cents for every dollar their male coworkers make, while black women make only 61 cents.

“It has been a tale of three steps forward, and two steps back,” said Jacqueline Copeland. “It’s not enough. Pay parity has worsened, retention of women in tech has suffered due to hostile workplaces, opportunities for funding of women founders are disparate, and across the board, these issues are far worse for women technologists of color.”

We at are dedicated to supporting equality in tech, which is why we launched our Tech Equity for All Women mission to create 50/50 parity by 2025. Brenda Darden Wilkerson and Jacqueline Copeland will be discussing this project during The Next Web Answers session on Wednesday, April 10 from 12-1 p.m. PT. Join the session to ask them any questions you may have about, our efforts, and the gender gap in tech.

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