“Facts” in Anti-Diversity Essay are False and Dangerous

Dr. Cynthia Lee, a lecturer in Stanford’s computer science department, is unimpressed with the “scientific claims” in Google’s anti-diversity manifesto. The manifesto states that biological differences between men and women are to blame for the lack in women in tech, a “fact” that is far from true.

“Regardless of whether biological differences exist,” Cynthia argues, “there is no shortage of glaring evidence, in individual stories and in scientific studies, that women in tech experience bias and a general lack of a welcoming environment, as do underrepresented minorities.”

The statements within the manifesto are not only false but dangerous, as the essay uses these statements to justify ending diversity programs for women in tech. Cynthia explains this would mean that women would miss out on beneficial resources and events such as “the Grace Hopper [Celebration], which provides many women with their first experience of being in a majority-women tech conference space.”

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