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How Blake Irving Transformed GoDaddy

Many people doubted CEO Blake Irving could transform the culture of GoDaddy, even after he announced the discontinuation of the company’s infamous sexist advertisements. However, by focusing on subtle biases such as unequal salaries and unfair evaluation processes, Blake was able to combat discrimination within GoDaddy and create a safer and more inclusive work environment. His keynote speech on his efforts to change GoDaddy earned him a standing ovation at the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration, and GoDaddy was recently named one of the nation’s best workplaces for women in tech.

“Everyone was skeptical of GoDaddy,” said Elizabeth Ames, senior vice president of marketing, alliances, and programs at “But GoDaddy was really committed to it, and it’s working.”

Learn more about Blake’s efforts to transform GoDaddy, and how your company can likewise fight discrimination.

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