Data Slow to Change for Women in Technology

When Mary Miller told her child’s teacher she was going to get a CS degree, he asked her, “What makes you think you can learn computer science?” This “boys only” attitude towards STEM continues to impact the number of women in technology as women are outnumbered in engineering schools, technical roles and executive positions.

“I think everybody needs to have that experience of being a minority in a room. It makes you far more cautious about what you do and what you say,” said Elizabeth Ames,’s senior vice president of marketing, alliances and programs.

Though more companies are releasing their diversity statistics, many of these stats are not changing at a rapid rate. “We would love to see change happen faster; we would love to see change sustained year over year; and we would like to see it accelerate. We’ve seen some indications of those, so we’re encouraged. But we’re not done. Not by a long shot.”

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