Why Diverse Leadership Benefits Tech Companies

Increasing diversity in the workforce continues to be a challenge for many tech companies, especially when it comes to leadership. Facebook’s 2017 diversity report, for example, revealed its senior leadership is 72% male and 71% white. Other tech companies likewise overlook women and underrepresented minorities for leadership roles, and many of these employees consequently leave the tech field altogether.

“We certainly aren’t seeing the needle move as much as we would like to see in leadership or at any level in the tech industry in the last five years or so,” said Genie Gratto, Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Public Relations for

Although changing a company’s work culture isn’t easy, tech leaders will find it’s worth the extra work. “The companies that create inclusive cultures retain women and retain more of a diverse and inclusive set of employees, and they are successful when they do that,” Genie explained. Studies show that diverse teams are more likely to come up with more innovative ideas, and therefore help their organizations perform better both operationally and financially.

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Image Credit: #WoCinTechChat